Unity Serializer V2.xx animations and loading

Hi I am new to Unity and programming in general and I am having trouble using this serializer to save my game.

I am using the Unity Serializer and not the JSONSerializer. I have been trying to figure this out myself and searching for answers online for a few weeks now.

Basically it saves the information such as stats numbers etc. but that is all. When I go to load a game, the positions of the items in the scene are at the original starting point. I have tried to save them as a prefab, just the information, information and materials, information and mesh, unique identifier and all those other combinations. None of those work. I have also followed the guide to saving them as a room un-excluded, saving the room with them excluded. None of these options work.

The only way the animations of these objects work is by not saving them in any of the methods I have used. They just seem to stop playing the animations and sit there idly when the scene is loaded.

Does anybody have any idea why this is happening?

Which brings me to my next question.

How do I load the scene where my game was saved at? Because when I save the game from the scene where all the action takes place, then go back to the main menu and load the game, it just moves the main camera so you are looking at a 45 degree angle of the main menu. I know it is deleting these objects because of the console.

Is it just loading the main menu scene instead of the scene that it was saved at?

Would I have to load the scene by using RoomManager.LoadRoom(“yourRoomName”) instead of LevelSerializer.LoadNow(sg.Data);?

If that is the case, how would I get my game to save and load whichever scene the game was saved at? Because I have multiple scenes from which you can save from.

Thanks for any help, I’m still learning how to program.

If you need any more details I will be here most of the day to respond.

For Loading levels from different scenes

I don’t think I mentioned I am building this game for Android using Android SDK Rev. 21. Using 21 because 22 does not work right and will not let me build the game.

I just tried to delete all of the game objects in every scene when a saved game was loaded and this did absolutely nothing. So it’s not something to do with the game objects not being deleted. I am thinking maybe it has something to do with the Unity Serializer Asset. Maybe the Scripts are outdated or something?

Any help to where this problem might be hiding in would help me find what is wrong as well.

So I figured this out for the most part. I got the game to load other scenes.

I figured out that when my game was paused, I was setting time to Time.timeScale = 0.0f;
and saving a game with no time. So it was loading nothing into the screen and time never moved past the first point.

I took out Time.timeScale = 0.0f; so now I am saving and loading the game from Time.timeScale = 1.0f; and it is working now!

Just in case somebody else has this problem.