Unity Server build doesn't run on Dedicated server,Unity Server build won't run on Dedicated server


I am creating a multiplayer game using mirror in unity.
I am trying to run the server build on dedicated server using AWS E2 but it gives me these error all the time whenever i try to run the unity build on server.
I have attached file for the errors that i get!
My project is very basic and has no extra shaders or anything except unity’s in built standard shaders!My project is using Standard Render pipeline!!!

Well, does your “AWS E2” even have a GPU? If not of course Unity can not initialize any device context. If the server is a pure network server you can run your build with no graphics (nographics commendline option). However that of course depends on if that’s an option for your usecase.

Since the log shows that it uses the “Null Device” as renderer it’s pretty clear that your server does not contains any GPU (or at least no compatible one).

These errors don’t actually stop your build from running. You can mitigate these errors by using an empty scene (nothing at all inside it) as the default scene in dedicated server builds.