Unity set ui image as active onclick

I want my button to activate an inactive ui image in the hierarchy through c# called “Responded_A” when the “Response_A” button is clicked. I assume this will use setActive in someway, but I’m just starting out and a little lost. I think some guidance here could really set me in motion. Thanks!

I’ve encountered this problem too. My solution was that I made a script called Globals.cs and made some static variables ( Though my game is working with a lot of static variables ). Since you can’t activate it if it was already deactivated before start ( because gameObject.Find couldn’t find it since it was not loaded into memory ), you have to store it first then deactive it.

In your Globals.cs script, or any other script where you will store it write this:

void Start() {
    //Store it in deactivatedGameObject variable
    public static GameObject deactivatedGameObject = GameObject.Find("Responded_A");
    //Then deactivate it

Like this whenever you need to activate it, you can call it like this:
(To demonstrate it I guess you’ll be calling it from an OnMouseDown event)

void OnMouseDown() {

Also you should be checking out Script Execution Order, and put your Globals.cs script as the first one to be loaded if you go with this method.