unity setup for nentando 3ds tutorial

hey guys i was working on a project that i want to publish it on the Nintendo consoles so i found that unity support Nintendo consoles so i went to Nintendo development website and i found a lot of packages so i was confused that’s why i need help to know how to setup unity for the Nintendo development unity team need to make an official tutorial for it seriously!!!??

Just posting in dead threads… Don’t mind me ¯\(ツ)
Here are some bullet points though.

  • You will need to get a Nintendo development license for the version of unity you are using… I’v had some success using different keys on different versions though.

  • You will need to install the official 3DS SDK from Nintendo.

  • You will need a unity support file for your version of unity you are using. Something like UnitySetup-3DS-Support-for-Editor-x.x.x.exe

  • Enter the development license into unity, close unity, install the support files, re-open unity and your project. Now in your build settings you should now see a 3DS option to change your project over to a 3DS project and then you can try and make a build.

  • You most likely will need a real 3DS devkit to run these files on too or a way to patch the devkit files to run on a retail 3DS.

  • I have unity, the dev key and the 3DS SDK but I’m stuck on finding the support files and I ended up here… Thanks google…