Unity Shader Graph isn't working as intended (Time Node, General Preview of Shader, Double Side)

I’ve been trying to work with HDRP to create a scene in my game, and wanted to create a portal shader. I’ve been following this youtube video and followed it precisely.

However, after implementing all of the above shader nodes, my shader doesn’t even come close to what it looks likes in the video.

alt text

  1. There is no twirling animation despite having a time node connected to the Offset value in the Twirl node.
  2. The double sided feature isn’t working despite having checked the icon in the PBR Master node.
  3. I can’t even see a preview of the shader anymore
  4. The result looks nothing like shader preview.
    Here’s what my shader graph looks like, as well as the final result.

alt text

I have a very similar problem. did you make any progress?