Unity Shaders not working properly on low end Windows Machine

Guys I am having issues while running my projet on low end machines. When i run a windows build on the following machine. Most of objects weren’t show up & some of were showing up as pink:

DELL Optiplex 745

Intel (R) Core™2Duo 2.20GHz

64-Bit OS, Windows 7

RAM: 2.00 GB

Video Card: Intel(R) Q965/Q963

Unity Version : 5.6.1f1

Upon investigating I came to know that unity’s minimum requirement for windows is Directx 9 with shader model 3.0 where as this system has shader model 2.0. I guess that is the reason its isn’t working on this particular system. I tried creating a separate project & used some of the built-in shaders in it. Some of them work on the separate build (Like Standard shader works if Emission property is turned off. If I turn on emission the object doesn’t show up in the scene) but when i try to add that same scene in my main project it doesn’t work.I have also tried by changing all the materials to standard & turned off emission on my main project but still it doesn’t work.

Can anyone guide me how can i resolve this issue? And is there a way for me to run my application on systems that don’t support shader model 3.0. Or How can I setup a project on Unity that supports shader model 2.0?

This means you have an asset missing. Reimport all, and make sure all shaders being used are included in the project settings