Unity short Black Screen after loading scene


Splash, one image with the IEnumerator Start() code as described below.

Menu, Canvas UI with a few buttons and a some gameobjects in the scene as background. Camera has a tonemapping and depth of field script.

Stats: Batches 96, tris 20.4k, 41.5k

Main Main scene of the game.
Bug, happend on android device and on pc in the editor:

Splash scene loads the menu scene using:

IEnumerator Start() { AsyncOperation async = SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync(“Menu”);

while (!async.isDone)
yield return null;


The canvas UI of the Menu scene appears with a black background, the gameobjects in the scene are not visible, for a few seconds.

The canvas UI + the scene is visible.

Same bug happens when the Menu scene is loaded from the Main scene.

Unity version = 2017.3.0f3 Using vuforia in the main scene.


I disabled all the objects and camera effects in the Menu scene except for a plane and the canvas, the canvas still appears a few seconds before the plane.

To describe the bug better, the camera seems to active a second after the canvas UI is shown.


I created a new camera in the menu scene and the problem still persists.

I found my fix by adding an AR camera to the scene and disabling the the VuforiaBehavior component which was making the black screen when the scene was loading.