Unity sign in bugs,how can i sign in in unity

I downloaded unity personal. and when i click on it, it takes me to the unity hub homepage. I created my id then when i click on sign in instead of proceeding it takes me back to the unity hub homepage. ,i downloaded unity personal and it takes me to unity hub. there i create a user id and click the sign in button but it again takes me to the homepage of the unity hub. please help i am desperate to learn unity.

From within Unity Hub, are you able to see the tabs marked “Projects” “Learn” and “Installs”? If so, you need to head over to the “Installs” tab, and install a build. Right now 2019.1.1f1 is the current build.
Once you have your build installed, then you need to head over to the “Projects” tab and create a new project via the icon in the top right.
This will give you a window where you can name your project, which version of Unity it will use, it’s location on your HDD, and finally a template.
Since you’re learning, select either 2D or 3D depending on the type of game you’re looking to create. This will set you up with a basic project to get started.

If I recall correctly, signing in is mostly arbitrary, though it is useful if you’re collaborating with other people and store your project in the cloud, and you will need to sign in to download Unity Store assets, but that can be done from within the in editor browser.