Unity spammed errors and used up all my storage

So this is actually the second time this happened.
Just while casually working on Unity I got a notification from Windows saying I'm running low on storage, which I found strange. When I went to look, I had a whopping 0 bytes left apparently. I tracked down the problem to the Editor.log file which spammed the same error message over and over again.
I have no clue what triggered it as I was just working in Unity as normal. If anything, I was animating at the time the no storage message popped up.
The error message it seemed to repeat was
"selector_thread_wakeup_drain_pipes: recv () failed, error (10054)"

If requested, I could provide a Unity dev with a log file that has all the log messages up until that message starts getting repeated. I don't want to publicly share it due to project-related logs. It's still a bit of a chunky file at 350kb but still better than 70gb.

I also don't know 100% that it repeated that exact same message for every line, but I don't feel like checking if it changed somewhere in the millions of lines it produced.

Lastly, in case it's needed, I'm using these packages:
Burst 1.3.0 preview 6
Collections 0.7.0 preview 2
Entities 0.8.0 preview 8
Input system 1.0.0 preview 6
URP 8.0.1
Text mesh pro 3.0.0 preview 7
Visual Studio package 2.0.0
Test framework 1.1.11
and the rest being Unity standard modules

EDIT: I should clarify that these errors did NOT show up in the editor. They were only in the editor.log file.

In what Unity versions did this occur?

Are you using NordVPN?

Some reports about bloated logs with the same error message were identified as instances of the above issue.

This happened in 2020.1 beta 1.

Yeah, now when you mention it I did to a quick “switching countries” with NordVPN while Unity was open. I didn’t think that would cause Unity to vomit error messages.
While the topic of NordVPN is here, is there any work being done on that front? I have several issues related to VPN usage with Unity, including with the new “my assets” in the package manager .

Yes, the teams are aware that proxy usage is a pain point and are working on a plan to address this area. There is no ETA I could share with you at this point though.

Great to hear that it's at least on their radar! If it would be a great time to fix, it would be now in the 2020 cycle since it seems it will be a bit more focused on stability. :)

Good news, we have a fix for these issues related to using a VPN.

The fix landed in 2021.1.0a6 and will also be in 2020.2.1f1.

Backports to 2018.4 and 2019.4 are currently being evaluated.

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