Unity spams Plastic SCM popup

Hello !
Just a few minutes ago, Unity keeps opening a popup window with this message :

The thing is, I’m alone in the Collaborate Organization and I never asked for this upgrade.

Do you have any clue ?

Edit: I just noticed this

What is happening ? Everything worked fine like few hours ago.

You need to migrate your project to Plastic SCM. This is Unity’s new replacement to Collaborate, and it works similarly, with the addition of branching like in other popular version control systems. You can read up on the details here: Plastic SCM - Plastic SCM.

My project does not have Collaborate enabled (and never did). Nonetheless, I am getting this popup spam. I don’t want Collaborate or Plastic SCM. Any way to get rid of this?

Seconding that.
I’d be great if Unity stopped shoving this in my face and let me do my work.