Unity sprite 2d Sizes

I had a 600x800 jpeg image with size of 34.8kb.
But, when i’m open it in Unity, AssetBundle show me, than my texture has size 1.8mb. That is pretty large, for mobile game.
So, did i have any change to use native size of texture, instead changing of max size and losing quality in inspector?

It does not matter how much your images is compressed in jpeg format - It’s expanded into true color by Unity and at runtime.

Do you need mipmaps? E.g. because you are scaling the image? If not turn off mipmaps. This reduces the size from 1.8 to 1.4 mb.

The size simply comes from the true color memory it would use. But with a jpeg it should be 1.4mb since it’s only RGB.

600 x 800 x 24/8 = 1440000 bytes = 1.4 mb

The other options you have will all reduce the quality if your texture - it depends on your graphics if this is a good way to go:

You could reduce the color depth to 16bit - this will make it 0.9mb.

600 x 800 x 16/8 =  960000 bytes = 0.9mb

Using hardware compression (PVRTC, ETC1, DXT1) might reduce it even more:

600 x 800 x 4/8 = 0.24mb