Unity StandAlone settings for Windows

Ok,..I admit I am a total noob.

I open unity, make the simplest function ever, movie a cube around a terrain, then hit Build.

It created the Exe, the data folder and assets, and library.

I copy those 4 files/folders and bring it to a new computer, same os(windows 64bit), and it won't run at all,...do they also need Unity installed?! This is not what I thought "StandAlone" meant.

thank all!


edit: I am running the free download version.

You only need the Exe and the data folder. The assets and library folder are part of the Unity project.

Did your build run on the first computer?

Got it,..I am using windows 7 at home,..

sent it to my friend who has XP, worked just like you said.

thanks! At least I know it can work!


Build on your computer and just use .exe file and data folder for other PCs. Its done! and I think it should work on any windows. I checked only window 7 and 8 but didn’t get any XP near me so couldn’t test.
Thank you.