Unity standalone takes over 6 secs to start


I have 2 computers with the same hardware.

On the one computer the standalone starts in less then 1 second.

But on my computer (Where I develop) it takes more then 6 seconds to start the standalone Build (Configuration Window).

My Hardware: AMD Phenom II X4 955 (4x 3,2ghz) 4GB DDR3 Ram. ATI HD4890 Graphics.

Im also using the same anti virus program on both computers (Avast) and no firewall.

The game itself is running fast, its only the startup that takes a while.

Hope you know a solution, thanks

Check the corresponding hard-drives you have installed the standalone to. Make sure they are defragged, etc. Also, are they the same spec drives? (some are much faster than others). Failing that it could be down to a difference in operating system.

it's about the available disk space on your windows drive or due to virtual memory configurations. if you have less space on one system so loading the data from the exe to ram and creating temporary files and folders might take longer. do you use the same OS on both systems?

Could simply be Win7 Caching.