Unity Stealth Tutorial - Character wont move (only rotates)

I’m trying to follow the unity stealth tutorial and it’s all working fine up until now.

I’m on this section: http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/projects/stealth/player-movement

But when I hit play, and try to run the animations all play, the speeds set correctly, but the character will not move! He rotates though.

I’ve tried copy/pasting his script also to no avail. It makes no sense because he uses rigidBody.MoveRotation and I checked online, says it only rotates and doesn’t move (which is either wrong or the name is confusing).


I’ve also been following the tutorial and ran into the same issue you describe.

I went and checked the transitions for the animations - the values I’d entered for Speed as per the tutorial we’re missing.

I re-entered the values and it fixed the issue - not sure why this would happen but it fixed the issue for me - hth

I found the solution - Apply root motion was unchecked for the animator