Unity + Steam lobby system?

Hello all,
I’ve been looking into putting my game onto steam, my game would require multiplayer at most a simple P2P.
However I can’t seem to find much online, about how to do such a task or where to even start.

So far the best I can find is this UNET connection with Steam which is awesome, but contains a ton of bugs as its not really the way UNET was designed.

So how does games like The forest, 7 Days to die, handle multiplayer?

I also found this Steamworks and Unity – P2P Multiplayer – The Knights of Unity
but all they show is how to send a string of chars to another peer, which from what i see in the tutorial wasn’t even done by a lobby, and doesn’t mention about sending other data types and when reading the data differentiating what has been sent.


Steamworks.NET is what is used by 7days
im not a pro but they have a wrapper for the steam sdk you shuld start by looking at the info at https://steamworks.github.io/

Don’t post things as facts if you don’t really know them.

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You should consider to do not use the HLAPI as it is no more maintain (and will be removed ?!)
If your game is only on PC/Steam you can use the steamwork API you will get all you need :slight_smile:
Otherwise you can still use the LLAPI and use the steamwork for the matchmaking for your steam build.

The forest is using photon bolt by the way.

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It's been 2+ yrs, did you guys end up using which solution? Any example to easily kick start?

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Since no one replied, I've been researching and decided to go with MLAPI + MLAPI SteamP2P Transport + Steamworks.net.
Alternatively, MIRROR + FizzySteamyMirror is also a easier way to go. We chosed MLAPI because Unity has recently acquired it and we hope it will getting better.

Hello, I'm using MIRROR + FizzyFacepunch on my volleyball videogame to make a match between people over Steam in lobby mode and seems good. If you like you can check how my videogame works on online lobby multiplayer, Cheers...



@IElectric , your game looks impressive, having all features we wanted to develop such as Steam matchmaking, multiplayer and VR.

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