Unity stop working!!

Hi guys… I’m really, really worry about this!

I’m making a simple videogame using the Kinect for Windows device.
I was working on my game… I was just coding! Suddenly when I hit play… Nothing happened! I mean, any animations was reproduced, my character doesn’t move… The thing is that I have some scene (6 in total)… In 5 of them I’m handling everything with the Kinect Sensor (those 5 are the Scenes with the problem)… But, weirdly, in the other one it works!

I don’t know what to do… I have unplugged the device, I’ve restarted my laptop but nothing seems to work. :frowning:

PLEASE… I need help! I HAVE to continue developing my videogame!

Try removing the script(s) then placing it back on.