Unity Store -> After clicking "Download" button nothing happens


I’m trying to download “Unity Test Tool” but I just can’t! Clicking “Download” does nothing, clicking “Download only” or “Download and import” does nothing neither!

Other assets in store work just fine.

My “FailedAssetImports” file in /library/ is empty.

I also tried to download asset in new project.

Nothing seems to work.

I even reinstalled unity → did not help.

Is there perhaps a way to download *.unitypackage from store/website, not through Editor?

I am unable to download the test tool, but I can download other assets, so I’m assuming there is some problem with the “Unity Test Tool” asset since other people have had the same problem recently.

I’ve submitted a bug report.

Maybe someone could upload package file until problem is solved?

Hi, I too am having this problem. Could someone upload the package?