Unity stuck on "Reloading Script assemby" or "Importing ..."

Hello, i’ve been working on my game since a few weeks now but i noticed a strongly annoying ‘bug?’ in the unity editor.

When i edit a script sometimes unity just gets stuck on this “Reloading Script assemby” or “Importing …” loading screen. Dose anyone know how to fix this?


most times it happens when i edit and save and edit the script before opening the untiy editor again i think but i dont know because it almost happens randomly…

In general unity is really slow and buggy since they added this loading popup for every action… are there any solutions for these problems?


Seems to be a problem with the 2021.3, as with 2020.3 theres no such issue, I would love to know too, reloading the solution via editing scripts, hitting debug etc forces a reload and magically works again.