Unity stutter in Editor 2D not even in play mode

This is not in play mode. I turn on Unity for like 1-2 minutes then it happens again.
What cause this stutter, seriously?

(the mouse is not recorded the right position)
This is 2d game with no serious computations and it happen even when the animator is not this complex
It hiccups every some tick so I don’t think it comes from my hardware.
It happen since I first use unity which is almost 2 years ago, I try change unity version, change my operations, still happens.
now, I don’t want to restart unity every 2 seconds every time I edit my sprites or add something in the animator.
When I just debug and test the game or build the game, it works fine, though.
Thank you.

This is a bug where unity is overloaded with mouse events and stutters.
It happens when you have a high Hz polling mouse.

Fix this issue by going to your mouse driver and reducing the poll rate to 250hz or less.

Reported here: https://forum.unity.com/threads/unity-stutters-and-hitches-in-empty-scenes-when-moving-a-high-polling-rate-mouse.1301505/

Another ongoing discussion: https://forum.unity.com/threads/unity-stutters-and-hitches-even-in-empty-scenes-unreal-does-not.609808/