Unity Suitability.

Hi all,

So i have been looking into “attempting” to develop a couple of game idea’s i have into working demo’s. So have been looking around at diffrent engines/development kits.

Im currently looking to build out a top down space combat game, and although Unity is 3D orientated, does anyone see any issues (short of my poor moddeling skills) from using Unity in such a way that all the action takes place on the x/y planes, with no use of the z plane?

Is it possible to lock the camara to be a top down style, and then lock all assets to the same Z, with movement happening on x/y?

Thanks in advance

The short answer is yes, Unity can do what you want to do.

This is similar to what I'm working on. I'm developing a hex based strategy game that takes place on almost the entirely same z-plane. You can script the camera to follow overhead and lock everything on any planes of your choosing. So yes, I'd say it's quite suitable!


To append to my previous answer, when it's approved: If you so desire, you can also make the camera orthogonal projection rather than perspective which will help a lot. If you want to use sprites instead of models, there are a few sprite manager scripts available as well!