Unity supports the F curves animation system from Blender?

Hi guys, I have a very heavy animation, (to transform it into fbx I need about 7 hours D:); In the movement of the camera I put a Noise modifier, that makes the cam shake as if were on a train wagon, the last time that I tested it with the modifier (no baked in the curve), it didnt work in unity.
I’m going to try it by baking the curve, I was wondering if this system of f curves are exported in the fbx?, or perhaps unity does not accept them?

am actually using fcurves myself for an art project. have found that while mesh deform data does not export… transform data effected by fcurves… does indeed get baked

To illustrate, in my file as seen below

these objects are animated based on fcurves to affect surface noise deformations as well as transform… scale, rotation.
When exported as fbx, only the rotation, scale gets exported… the surface deforms are not getting sent to the fbx