Unity Tech is looking for Product Specialists

Unity Tech is looking for Product Specialists

Hello, Unity community! I'm pleased to tell you that effective immediately, Unity Technologies is hiring additional Product Specialists to join the Unity Support, Testing and Docs team. As the product grows in size and the number of talented customers continues to increase we need more people to join our ninja team!

Unity Product Specialists are the interface between customers and development. Specialists use their expert knowledge of the product to help Unity respond to customer issues. Is the customer reporting a bug or do they require support? Are areas of the documentation not clear enough and need improvement? If customers have found a bug, can we reproduce it? Does it affect all platforms and all projects? Can we understand the problem and explain to Development what is happening?

Specifically, we are looking for people with the following skills:

  1. At least 6 months hands on experience of Unity.
  2. At least 3 years of programming, either in previous jobs, university or hobby coding., You will be ask to provide evidence of this and take our programming test. :-)
  3. Confident, self-motivated, hard-working.
  4. Polite and helpful. This role will involve talking to customers by email/forums, so good social skills and good communication skills is essential (and native English speakers is an advantage).
  5. Love of problem solving. The majority of the time you will be owning customer problems or bug reports and investigating what is happening. If you enjoy debugging more than coding, then we are especially keen to hear from you!
  6. Organised and disciplined. You will own multiple problems at once and will be expected to push all of them forward each day. Tracking what tasks remain and making sure all customers know their important issues are receiving attention is essential.
  7. Experience of product testing approaches, regression testing, smoke testing, test automation.

Note that we are not looking for 3d artists to fill these roles unless you also have programming skills.

These roles are full-time, permanent, and open in the south-east of the UK or our Copenhagen office. If you are interested, please send your CV/resume to jobs@unity3d.com, using a subject line of "ProductSpecialist - (name)". Note that we are not looking at this time for part time or temporary workers.

Unity does not have a UK office, but will do shortly. Location will be somewhere in the triangle between Brighton, London and Guildford. (I live just south of Gatwick Airport.)


I fly to ..... :P

Mental note for when I eventually move back to the UK...

Too bad this is for the UK office and not SF.

Do you need someone in Australia?

Programming or evangelist?

Sorry but no, not at this time. :)

These positions are still open, ignore my prior comments to the contrary! :)

This is probably a weird request but could I see the programing test you're using?

I can't apply for the job, I am just curious if my hobby programing skills are on par with what would be expected. Im kind of in my own little bubble, i've never had anyone that knows programming enough to tell me if im good or bad at it. :sweat_smile:

I'm sorry but mo, we do not publicly post our automation test rig and app set as it's entirely an internal project (requires special set up, uses confidential customer files for certain bug regressions, etc.).

Look around elsewhere here on the forums, there are a gazillion other ways for you to measure yourself against others to tell if you're "good" at scripting or not. :)

I think he meant programming test as in a skills test (a bunch of questions/problems you have applicant programmers solve as part of the vetting process).

Ahhhhhh, that would make more sense now wouldn't it!? :P

AFAIK we don't have a specific and repeatedly used test on hand. For each interview, or round of interviews, we have folks speak with a few different people who all offer their own tests on the phone, in person, etc.

Sorry about that confusion and thanks for clearing my brain fog Matthew!

AFAIK we don't have a specific and repeatedly used test on hand. For each interview, or round of interviews, we have folks speak with a few different people who all offer their own tests on the phone, in person, etc.

Ok, just thought I would ask. :smile:

Hey Spiralgear,

For the record I do use a programming test, it is mostly C and C++ questions and covers things like problems that happens when you rely on implicit casting and pointer arithmetic. Also, dynamic memory allocation, recursion, and spotting errors in code (you know, like when you don't have a compiler at hand to check for you!)

However, the best programming test I can set is to say "talk me through the biggest Unity project you have created". I'd far rather see something you have created and understand inside out, rather than make you think what a declaration of an array of function pointers that take three ints and return chars looks like.


So dendrophile

Haywards Heath? I was living there a few months back.