Unity Terrain imposters optimization

HI, we have a sort of a problem with automatic imposter cameras what unity Terrain/Trees engine creates. Target is mobile devices and basically we dont use any billboarding to optimize the rendering of the terrain trees, we use lod groups without speedtree. But the textures what unity creates is reservering ~30mb of memory is there any way to optimize these out / reduce the picture size etc etc. The billboarding start is 2000 and map is half size of that but still those textures are created to the memory.

Ok so i managed to narrow it down. The Tree imposters memory footprint increases in the amount of the trees what is assigned to the list . But if u sector it out every chunk of terrain will produce same amount of memory footprint plus imposter camera . this seems an issue what needs to be fixed on unity side. and give us more options to actually how we could use this

@NitroArska did you figure anything else out here? I am generating billboards, thus I don't need the unity generated ones. But they still show up in memory in xcode.

Any unity devs that can help here? :/ Is there really no known way to remove the tree imposter textures that are auto generated? I don't need them, therefore I don't want them in memory. We can't afford to have things we don't need in memory on a mobile game.

Yeah, any update on this? The tree imposter textures are taking up 500mb in my game and that's not expectable on mobile.

Why is there 30Mb of useless RenderTarget used for no reason???