Unity Terrain second controll map property name

I’m using Shader-Graph to make a triplanar shader for my Terrain.

I have managed to access most of properties through references but i cant find what is the name of second control texture. First one is _Control and works perfectly. But following naming standard of other properties with _Control1 sadly got me nothing.

Anyone knows reference name of second control?

Hey, I realize this is an old topic, but to anyone who finds this on Google like me, the textures in Unity-2023-2 URP 16.x are in fact named:

_Control0, _Control1, _Control2, _Control3, _Splat0, _Splat1, …, _Splat14, _Splat15

In my case, I found that I needed to add the tags:

    "TerrainCompatible" = "true"
    "SplatCount" = "16"

Once I added these tags, my shader was able to support more than 4 layers. Before you add these tags, the textures will just be blank as Unity is not filling the texture data.

All terrain control textures are passed through the same property one at a time - as such, they are all named _Control.

This is because of how Unity handles terrain drawing with more than 4 texture sets; it re-renders the terrain every 4 textures with a new control map and combines it with the previous passes. If you want more than one control map in the same shader, you’ll have to access it through a script and pass it to the material manually.