Unity Text Input Field not working in WebGL build

hello everyone, I need some help, I have been trying to fix this problem for weeks. the input field I have for getting username for my leader board will not let anyone type inside it. at first, I thought it was the leader board itself, so I basically went through my game and got rid of any warnings and error, turns out the leader board is working fine. its the input field. at this point I have no idea what to do, please help.
for reference, everything works fine in the PC build and inside unity.

link for the game is bellow, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!

I was able to get WebGL text input working on mobile by implementing GitHub - kou-yeung/WebGLInput: IME for Unity WebGL

Note that the text was oversized while typing on mobile but it does work. Not sure how to fix the size issue.

Hey, the only fix i really found was an on-screen keyboard which i found on git hub, i cant remember the exact name. Very weird problem though isnt it.

I eventually found a way that fixes the issue on my side (I had the exact same problem):

  1. Open Project Settings
  2. Go in “Player”
  3. Show HTML5/WebGL settings
  4. Set the Active Input Handling to “Both” instead of “Input System Package (New)”

Not sure exactly why unfortunately, but that fixed the problem.

GitHub for fix it ( @Cloudmaking0 0 )