unity thinks that all of my blender models are one problem!!

hi, i have a weired problem in unity , every models i made in blender have theire own textures but unity, if i try to apply a texture on one model all of the others models made in blender has the same textures and i try to put a other texture on a differant model, all of my previous models has the same textures. it like that unity thinks that all of my blender models are one model same.

All of your models probably have the same material, in Unity. Just make new ones (in Unity.) Ctrl-C/V doesn’t work (not for me) but Edit-Duplicate does, to save time by copying the original mat (otherwise you have to repick the shader, since it defaults to diffuse.)

For a model in the scene, it looks like you can change the material texture for just that model through the Inspector, but you really can’t. Each material really is shared, and has a single texture/color/… that applies to everyone using it (but odd rule: code can change materials setting just for you while running.)

IMHO, don’t even bother importing materials from modelling programs. Or at least count on having to change/tweak most of them.