Unity Tilemap Sorting Anchor Point

I can not seem to find a way to set the anchor of my tilemap for sorting.
I don’t want to sort individual tiles, but rather sort by chunk.
It seems like the anchor point for sorting is set correctly:

When set to sort by chunk, the anchorpoint seems to be placed right, but the sorting is way off, as shown in the video:
I want the player to sort at the bottom of the tilemap… Does anyone know how to go about it?

Thank you in advance.

Some more information:

  • Yes, I have selected custom sorting axis to sort by the y-axis.

  • Yes, the players anchor point is at the bottom of his feet.

If anyone stumbles upon this in the future, I found a solution. It’s not the best, but it does what I want it to do.

So what I had done previously was set the custom sorting axis to (0, 1, 0).
I just set it to (0, 1, 1), so the z value also as influence. This did that I was able to adjust the walls z-position to fit the desired sorting anchor.

Hope this help someone in the future, because I havn’t stumbled upon any other solution.

I hope Unity does something to improve this.