Unity to android (game very laggy)

Hi, my unity game have this stats when runing in my computer however when i port to my two years old android phone the game is almost unplayable. Can anyone help me improving my game performance?

Main thread 0.6 renderer 0.1ms 1746.6 FPS

draw calls 5 saved by batching 22

tris 138 verts 288

used textures 3-54.0 MB

render textures 0-0 B Siwtches: 0

Screen 285x428 - 1.4Mb

VRAM usage: 1.4MB to 55.5Mb

VBO total: 25 - 105.0KB

ShadowCasters: 0

Visivle Skinned Meshes: 0

Animations: 6

Make sure you’re using mobile shaders. Check your GUI DrawCalls. Oh, and post the specifications of your device. Some phones don’t have dedicated vram / built in gpu. Need to know more about your device in order to really even justify the above suggestions.