Unity to Android?

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to convert my unity project game into an android application, which I can post on the google play store for people to download. I read alot and people told me to just download android sdk, and follow various steps until i can save my project as a .sdk. My question:

So all i have to do is save my unity project as .sdk? Like I’m confused on how android apps work with Unity. A unity project game contains over 2000 files, how do i go about making this entire unity game made in c#, to an android app, which uses java? Do i just upload the .sdk to the play store? Can some one give me clear instructions please? Will the whole package with 2000 files get converted into .sdk??

  1. Read THIS.

  2. Setup Android SDK correctly.

  3. Read and change build setting described there.

  4. Make some changes to your project if there are platform dependent codes, etc. THIS might be handy for you.

  5. Make sure you’ve selected Android platform in build settings => press build => save as Something.apk.

  6. That’s it, upload your apk wherever you want to whichever store, just install on android device or do whatever else you want with it.

Unity is a game engine with multiple build options. You just go in build settings and select your build platform and it just… exports it in that. The way Unity works is that it has a player engine for each platform and it uses the scenes and assets you give it to make a game/app.
And you don’t convert it to SDK. SDK is the software files you’ll download so that unity will read and be able to convert it to that platform. The android end file is an APK.
You download the SDK manager from google, run it, select your build tools to download, download the Java JDK and then tell Unity where you’ve installed both.
Unity can now export to Android.

Of course you may need to make some changes to your scene if you want to handle touch events and you did not use Unity’s UI but instead used the old GUI system. (That easily handles touch and mouse clicks.)