Unity to Blender FBX Exporting problem

Hello, I am new to Unity and I just wanted to export a character from a unity package into blender for animation and rig editing. But when I try to export it into blender, it very messy and the rig is not parented to the mesh, even though it was parented inside unity. Is there any fix or a work around for this? Please and Thanks

Hi, it depends on the package and the way the files were created by the author. Also, are you importing the FBX file only? It also depends on what software the Author used to create files. My suggestion would be to update your Blender version if it is an old version or try opening the fbx on another software, just to see if it will give the same problem. “Creators 3D”.

not sure if this is the solution for you, but have you tried importing the package into unity, saving the project, and then extracting the .fbx file directly from the project folder, wherever you have it saved on your computer? I used to do it this way.