Unity to IPA

I am making a game for a company and they would like their IT people would like an .ipa

Do I need a iOS license to achieve this?

What are the steps to achieve an .ipa export?

They are asking you to port it to an iPhone/iPad. For a simple app, it might be just clicking a button, but giant pain setting it all up.

Yes, you need the Unity iOS license. If they have a Mac Developer account, they can put you on it and give you all the authorization files. Oherwise, you probably have to register as a small business and get the enterprise Mac Developer account (to give out test ipa builds and enterprise distribution. Otherwise you can only just put stuff on the App Store.)

You’ll probably need to have the target device (iPhone? current? iPad? mini?) for testing.

A build for iOS will finally bring up xCode on your Mac (I’ve heard PCs can do this, but have also heard it’s grey-market software.) Then just Archive; Organizer->distribute will generate the ipa, which needs to be sent with the correct distribution file (from the Mac Dev site.)