Unity to Tizen Port

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Has anyone found out a way to export a Unity game to Tizen. I know Unity announced support for Tizen over a year ago, however the feature has not come out yet. I have two games, one is written in C# and the other in JavaScript. Im wondering if I am able to port the JavaScript one somehow, as Tizen is optimised for the web. Currently, you can port games to the Samsung Smart TV but I don’t think they run Tizen.

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Unity 5 will be bringing support for building games for WebGL. You should be able to use that to publish to Tizen.

Hi guys,

Any one find the way to publish unity game to Tizen store?If u guys find the way to do this please provide the reference link…

You can submit apps to the Tizen seller store at this link. http://seller.tizenstore.com/login/signIn.as

i am trying to install .tpk file manually from cmd prompt but its not installing on the device.

its showing the error like:2219910--147770--Capture1.PNG
any one find the way to solve this just explain that..

Most likely there is an issue with signing. My first guess is that you might have missed the “Permit to install applications” step in the setup instructions.

Also make sure you use the latest patch build as it fixed an issue with this for me.

From Tizen IDE its working fine but from unity build and run not working it gives the same error as above i mentioned even i am using unity latest patch 5.1.2p1.

tpk proting problem to tzen device(z1)
I’m using:
OSX 10.11, Unity 5.2.2f, Tizen 2.3.1
I did:
Added certificate extension before build
after build the tpk, generated author.crt using CSR
Got the device-profile.xml
Permitted the device to install application and it was successfully uploaded.

then tried to install using: “sdb install /direct/myApp.tpk”

the result is attached.

Do you have the log from the Unity Editor? It should include more information that will help indicate what the issue is.

Log file attached. Similar error in case of both Unity Build and Run, and from terminal.

2379851–161899–Editor.log.zip (11.7 KB)

Thanks! On occasion the Tizen signing tools have trouble with spaces. Could you try removing the space in Hungry Bird?

Do you mean space-less directory name of the tpk file?
The result is same.

2380505--161945--Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 7.35.33 PM.png

No, I mean the directory that the project is located in. You currently have it in
/Users/souravpaul/Desktop/Hungry Bird/Hungry_Bird

Try removing that space.

Same error.

2380719–161957–Editor.log.zip (18.6 KB)

Are you able to deploy applications built from the Tizen IDE?

I’ve not tried any native app deploy. No idea on tizen native code.
Should I try it first?

Definitely. You can just use one of the sample projects that they provide.

Yes. They run good from Tizen IDE.

If you look at /Users/souravpaul/workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.tizen.common.sign/profiles.xml does it contain: