Unity totally freezes

On my new windows 10 laptop (build for audio creation and game dev) I’m trying to run Unity without succes.

At start up everything seems to be working ok but after opening/creating a project it just freezes completely.
I am also not able yo quit Unity normally. In task manager it does appear to work fine (eg no “not responding” message) but I do have to force quit.

I sincerly hope you can help me solve this problem cause I got 3 projects to work my audio on :frowning:

Thanks for your time.

Unity requires windows update KB2533623, which isn’t available to download on Windows since January 2020. I’d get the KB3063858 update, or, if possible, the KB4457144 update, and it should work then. If you can’t get both, you need to download KB3063858 at minimum. If you already have them, and it still doesn’t work, try to make a DEP Exception.