Unity Tree Billboard Bug!!! with Oculus UNITY WHAT IS GOING ON??

What is going on with the Tree Billboard Bug, any fixes???

I find it ridiculous that Unity has not fixed this issue. For those who are not aware of this issue, Tree Billboards rotations are wacky when you rotate your head to look around, others have pointed this problem out many times and after searching the forums there is still NO SOLUTION INSIGHT??


It's an open issue for more then 1.5 years now. Don't expect to see changes very soon. Last Unite Europe ( 2015 ) they told me there was a new guy for terrain development, however he quit the job to go somewhere else. Since then, no progress on terrains. It's one of the features together with video texture that needs some heavy update as soon as possible.

The developer quit, he probably din't know how to fix the billboards( just kiddin).. It is a shame there is no fix, I would like to hear from Unity about this issue and the progress. The issue does not exist with SpeedTree trees however speedtree is awfully slow no matter how I configure the LOD levels.

Not sure why Unity are implementing orientation of billboards the way they are ,Unity Tree Billboards are aligned with the Camera Direction, when they should be looking or aligned to the (Camera Position - Tree Position) NOT Camera Forward.

So, please Unity can we get some feedback on this issue.. Cheers

this has been known for ages and it's amazing it's not fixed yet. It makes VR and terrains completely useless since you have to remove all trees from your scene or risk to get everyone laughing at your game or getting dizzy.

if at least we got some feedback on when a fix is expected...

Unity FEEDBACK PLEASE ? btw. This issue also effects billboard grass!

This issue effectively and completely eliminates the ability to use Unity based Trees ( + grass) in VR. speedtree as it stands has major performance issues. Unity, can you please at least acknowledge and perhaps provide some feedback regarding ETA on the fix, thank you.

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This has nothing to do with VR mode. It happens in normal mode also (although it is much more noticeable in VR). This is due to the fact that we are rendering a single view specific tree, and then using that for all of the displayed trees.

At the moment I don't think anyone is actively looking into this. Here is an issue here you can vote on: https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/vr-terrain-tree-billboards-position-gets-offsetted-by-vr-headset-position

Up for beers. When will this be fixed? Anyone?

I wonder if this billboarding thing happen on other engines. I'm going to give it a try.

@creat327 Any success?

Still no fix?

Still no fix +1 ?

Looking for solution. Will report back if I find one.

EDIT: easiest solution was to not use the free speed trees that are on the asset store. I bought the paid version and it doesn't force the Facing leaves which breaks it for VR.

I have the paid version and it has the same issues...

Does SpeedTree's alpha blending/alpha-to-coverage to remove leaf aliasing work for you all? I cannot get it working no matter what I try. Been trying to fix this for the past week.

Obviously aliasing on all my trees' leaves kills VR. Would be grateful for any help.

I can't believe the only option here is no option.. Why would a company not fix such a simple issue if they want to promote the use of VR? This bug alone pretty much destroys immersion for outdoor games and vastly limits the content that can be developed using their engine. Gives me the impression that the developers of Unity are down right lazy (or worse).

I too find this very very strange, until the last few days, the unity's front page advertised unity as the next gen VR development tool, yet we cant even use the terrain tree system in VR?

Hello, I'd like to give everyone an update on this issue. I'm currently working on a solution for VR and monoscopic rendering that will allow you to easily create a billboard asset of any terrain tree. This billboard asset wont constantly be re-rendered each frame which should reduce the apparent motion, it will have a user selectable number of slices that the tree can be viewed from. Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution for rendering billboards very close to the camera without any artifacts, so there will still be some popping/fading as the billboards change between slices.

I've also noticed there are complaints regarding the orienting of terrain trees. Please note that it is possible to get billboard renderers to orient toward the camera's position (instead of along the camera's forward vector) using the quality option "Billboards face camera position." This is likely the desired behavior for VR, but you will still notice apparent motion as each billboard is being re-rendered each frame using one of the closer 3D meshes as a prototype.

I've indicated the option in an attached image.

If you have any more questions or comments, feel free to ask.


3009067--224452--billboard quality option.PNG


That's great news! Thanks for the update!