Unity Trees glowing on midnight skybox.

Hello, I am having an issue in my map where terrain trees glow with a midnight and night skybox. When I am near the trees with a directional light source as the second image shows the trees load in as normal taking away the glow. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong in this instance? Skybox Asset Thanks :).

The trees might have a shiny material attached to them. I suggest checking out the “Smoothness” on the tree’s material and turning it down. @echoatlas

Send a picture of your “Lightning” window settings and I may be able to help as I’ve encountered this problem before as well.

@PolyvivalStudios After turning down the shininess to most minimal and rebuilding lighting that didn’t seem to help. Could it be anything else? Going to try deleting the terrain trees and re-adding them in the mean time.

The lightprobes are off for the prefab.