Unity tutorial doesn't work

The Unity tutorial for inventory that was checked with Unity 5.5 doesn’t work.

After the “Item” script, nothing works. The “PickedUpItemReaction” and “LostItemReaction” result in bugs and the “InventoryEditor” script outright seems to do nothing.

Does anyone happen to know of a similar method that works with Unity 2018.2.1f1? I think the problem is due to an update.

The tutorial I’m talking about is here: Adventure Game Phase 2: Inventory System - Unity Learn

Very nice post!

We all have in mind this unity tutorial, and everybody kave the code saved so we can easy know wtf are you talking about!

And, I’m 99,999% sure the tutorials and the code works perfectly, and its all your fault…

Develop your skills, or just grow up before coming to post things like this.