Unity Tutorials version compatibility issue

I guys, this is my first contact with the community so I’l be short:
Is there any compatibility issues in learning Unity 4.3 from a Unity 3.5 tutorial ?
If so, what’s the oldest version of a tutorial so I can follow while learning 4.3 without having to wonder “Why I cannot find this library or setting?” ?
I must say I am a nob in Unity and scripting
Thanks guys.

Yes, there are potentially “compatability” issues between different versions of Unity.
These are most noticeable between major version numbers (i.e. trying to follow a tutorial written for 3.x when using 4.x). However, there are sometimes even fairly significant differences between minor versions - 4.3 introduced a brand new 2d system, for example, so any 2d tutorial you try to follow that was written for any version prior to 4.3 will likely have significant differences to current best practice.

So, there’s no way to be sure other than by using the exact correct version - but you’ll still find many tutorials can be useful to explain the “Unity way of doing things” even if they are slightly out-of-date on the specifics.