Unity UI button does not detect click

So I’m trying out Unity’s UI buttons, and I can’t seem to get them to work when I click. I looked at the UI button video that the Unity guys made, but that didn’t help me solve my problem. Whenever I click on the button I have, nothing happens. No color change or anything. I tried deleting-readding the button. But that didn’t help. Still couldn’t get the clicking to work.

I checked on some places online, and all they said was to check to make sure I have an EventSystem, a graphic raycaster, and make sure that the button is a child of a canvas. I got all three of these. So what else should I check/try to get my button working?

By the way, this is all in Unity 5’s 2D mode, if that matters.

Figured it out. Turns out, I needed to add in an input in my InputManager for mouse clicks. Whoops.

make sure that there is not anything in front of your button.
perhaps some other UI element have extra boundaries that blocks raycast to reach to your button.