Unity UI doesn't seem to work with D3D IL2CPP on xbox one

So I’ve set up a basic main menu for my game using unity UI buttons and I’ve set the top button to be the first selected in the EventSystem object so that my xbox controller has somewhere to start navigating. In the scene view it works fine, when building in Visual Studio and running on my computer it works fine, but when I try to deploy it to my xbox, nothing gets selected on startup so my xbox controller has no point to start from, preventing me from navigating the main menu entirely.

I’m building using D3D as opposed to xaml since I don’t want the xbox cursor showing up since I don’t know how to remove it. But my question is basically, what exactly is happening with the xbox build to stop Unity UI from selecting the first button?

I am also having this same problem. Works everywhere else but on the Xbox. I also had the XAML issue where the mouse cursor was visible, but my UI actually still worked underneath it anyways. Since this was back in December, have you figured this out yet? Working to finish my updates to get into the Creators program, but this is one major issue I can’t move on from!