Unity UI. Flip a rawImage?

So I’m working on implementing a hardware camera feature on iOS (possible android too) Due to the many different screen sizes, I need the webCamTexture to scale to fit the screen without distortion(stretched texture). After some failures attempting this with a regular Plane (probably due to faulty code/formulae) it seems that the RawImage.SetNativeSize() method does exactly what I need.

However, the webCamTexture displays in mirrored form. On a plane I could just set the x scale to negative and be done with it. but on a RawImage that just flips the whole plane itself, making it invisible. So is there a way to render the RawImage image flipped? or can anyone supply the necessary code needed to do this with a plane?

I’m pretty sure you have to do it with the simple old


If I’m not mistaken it is 1-0–1-1 for a vertical mirror flip!!!

Just rotate th object 180° on y axis in 2d and u will have ur rawimage flipped