Unity UI freezes when running project

Hello, as a starter, I recently starting using Unity.
I’m following the unitiy tutorial on the 2D rogue game and while testing, I realized that the game works (I’m following the youtube tutorial step-by-step so I know for a fact that the scripts work and therefore, the code should not be the issue), but the UI is super bizarre. I can’t click on the settings, I only see the game running. I’ve looked online and I haven’t find someone with the same problem as me.

Let’s say I want to change the state of my player, well I can’t because the UI is all grayed out

Here is the picture of my UI before game is running

Here is the picture of my UI after game is running

Thanks in advance for your help,

So, I’ve never seen this issue before, so I’m not sure if this is the cause of your problem, but I can think of one thing that could cause this issue. It might be a problem with the tint color of the editor. To check this, click edit->preferences->colors and make sure that the playmode tint looks like this:

I think, if you have the alpha set to 0, it would cause this issue that you are seeing, and so you want it to be 255. Although, it could be something completely different.