Unity UI image + mask has jaggies

Hi there! The new layout for GUI in Unity is amazing BUT, as I was playing around with it, I’ve found out that one of my canvas’ images is rendered with jaggies and I know it shouldn’t have them.

I’ve imported it with maximum settings and the image itself is pretty large, which is why I wasn’t expecting this issue.
Thing is, the image is jagged even if I scale it to lower W/H in the Canvas.

Since I’m not familiar with these problems and I’ve already checked the import settings, I’m now clueless.

MAYBE I should also mention the fact that this particular image is coupled with a mask image.

Does that matters?

What should I try to do?

Thanks for your time!

P.S.: As suggested, I’m editing this to include the pics…

This is with jaggies, the orange colour is a flat layer, the Stamina itself is the mask I’m using on it

This is a pic of the Stamina while you deplete it, if you look carefully the edges of the mask are not jagged

Found this question while searching about the same issue… I was able to get 100% clean masking by changing the ‘Compression’ setting for the texture to ‘None.’ Hope this helps anyone else who comes across this. :slight_smile:

Try creating the image sprite with an ideal resolution. (By ideal I mean to say that, in my game I was setting 300x300 facebook profile picture.But my dummy avatar image size was 1024x1024,which I was resizing and using. So I changed the size of my dummy avatar to 300x300. And set the max size to 256[closest to 300] and set import to ‘Truecolor’. Although not very crisp, it did improve the jaggies.) :slight_smile: