Unity UI: Issue with 3:4 vs 9:16 resolutions

Hey all,

Running into a weird issue. Because it required that iOS apps that run on the iPhone run on an iPad, I decided to use the Unity UI Canvas Scaler. And while, yes, it sure does scale, it seems like some of my elements end up “stuck” when moving between 9:16 and 3:4 resolutions. As a result, my app gets rejected and I go back to banging my head against the wall.

Screenshots: 3:4 v 9:16 - Why are some elements getting chopped? - Album on Imgur

As you can see in the next two screenshots, the lightbulbs are affixed to the top of the screen just fine in 9:16, but in 3:4 they get cut off. Why is this?

How much of this depends on the reference resolution used by the Canvas Scaler component? I just used the default 800x600, 4:3 resolution. Is that what’s causing all the headaches? Should my default res be a 3:4 or a 9:16?

Ooof. Solved this one- I had to set my reference resolution to a 9:16 size (I just used 900 x 1600), then change the slider from “Match:Width” to “Match:Height”. Now I have to change all my magic code numbers and resize all my buttons, but its working perfectly.