Unity UI: neglect transparent area of button and trigger user input underneath it.

Hello everyone,

The picture itself explains my issue.
So I have many shapes (puzzple pieces), please check pic2 attached.

So whatever the user sees and taps to drag, must be dragged.

I am using (IBeginDragHandler, IDragHandler, IEndDragHandler).
After some research, I saw methods of ignoring raycast on transparent areas … etc …
but since I am not using raycasting here, what suggestions do you have?

@Fattie , @robertbu ,@aldonaletto would like to hear your point of view.

You can look into

This is not yet possible with the builtin UI components. They might add some kind of user defined raycast area or use graphic masks for this, but right now, it simply is not supported.

Do you require those images to be buttons? You could simply make them sprites with a polygon collider or any shape which matches well enough and use the IPointerClickHandler etc to build your click actions. Is that something you can try?