Unity UI onclick error after first run, only editor restart resolves

When i run ANY of my projects first time after Unity start, all works fine.
At second run, none of the UI buttons doing their job.
No error messages.
If i close Unity and starting it again, all works fine for first run (in all projects) but not after.

This bug appeared between two starts of Unity. All worked fine yesterday, when i started today unity i faced with this problem right after.

Tried to apply patches, revert from 5.2.1 back to 5.2, relocate the projects, still no clue.

Any ideas, tips?

Weird issue.
I used usb threatening at my phone, and that caused the issue
Removed the phone, and restarted unity, all worked fine.

Since my internet connection was on my phone, this was not acceptable.
Finally a friend helpd me: There is a “Force Module Active” checkbox at the EventSytem’s
Standalone Input Module & Touch Input module components. Checked them and the issue was gone.

Hope this helps someone.