Unity UI only visible in the left eye with "Single Pass". HDRP. Oculus.


Hello everyone,

I have recently switched my project to the HDRP pipeline and everything seems to be working fine, except the UI.
I have world canvas in my project and when I use Single pass rendering in Oculus setting, UI is only visible on the left eye (similar to the image attached). It's working fine with the multi-pass.

I have updated to the latest unity version 2019.4 and the issue is still present.

Any idea what can cause this problem?
The UI is a simple world canvas and some images/panels inside.

[This is how it looks like in VR]
5982692--642842--UI single pass issue.jpg
[Using Single-pass]
5982692--642839--Oculus single pass.jpg

Thank you.

This has been heavily documented in the forum already - pretty much the exact same thread title.

I'm not using SRP's (they don't work properly yet in Unity, generally), but it's a combination of: XR + Single-pass + SRP (HDRP) -- so search for HDRP + Single + Eye and you should find them immediately.

(I've just noticed this same thread in passing, repeatedly :))

Thanks for your reply.
I solved this by creating two shaders, one for sprites and one for text and assign them to the material property. Got this hint in one of the forum questions.

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Struggling for the same issue here and I could not get any result by searching in the forum with those keyword...
Can you please kindly provide some links for the thread in which people discuss this issue?


The gamasutra's way worked very basic UI setups for me. I could not find any way to make it work with UI mask component. How the things are going in your case?

Hey @Kagyu ,
I have used this shader basically for every UI element and it is working fine.

Shader graph here:


try it out


Thanks for your help, @Seanmir . I tried the graph you gave me but could not make UI mask work.
As you can see int the image, mask did not work and I could use any tasty UI component with a mask such as ScrollViews or so...
If you use the graph with UI masks without any issue, can you please let me know your setup? My project is on Unity 2019.4.1f with HDRP 7.3.1. I maybe need to upgrade versions. 6146609--671309--2020-07-30.jpg

Thanks @Seanmir the gamasutra tutorial works nice.

Is UI Mask working properly?

Yes it works

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Thanks for replying DiGiCT. Can you provide the information which version of Unity & HDRP you are using, please?
I tried some versions but could not make UI mask working properly as you can see in the image in my previous post.

Hi did you figure it out? I have the same problem.

I am not sure when it was fixed, but I'm using Unity 2020.3 and HDRP 10.4, and the standard canvas shaders now render ok in both eyes using the latest XR packages.

There are still some other issues with canvas interaction with HDRP that make it worth using shadergraphs, but the right eye seems at least to be fixed.

For those ones which wanted a solid solution, I created the following tutorial video: