Unity UI set slider value increment?

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I’m currently working with the UI sliders and I want to increase the slider value by 0.5 when moving the handle. I cannot find any option for this unfortunately so I guess I got to code it. Can anyone tell me how to manage that?
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This is just theory as I don’t have access to Unity but set the scrollbar range 0 to 2 and tell it to use whole numbers.

then when you read the value divide by 2, and you should get 0, .5 and 1 for the three locations, of course if you used whole numbers and then divide by 2 you could set the range higher if needed.


That’s alright just set your slider value to go from -360 to 360 and wherever you want to use that value, as in the display show the value / 2.

-360 / 2 = -180, -359 / 2 = -179.5 and so on.