Unity Union alternatives, is any out there?

Hmm, I still noobs about Unity but I thinking forward. My question is there any decent Unity Union alternatives? I just want to know more, in fact I don't know where Unity Union publish the submitted games.

So I need to get know more in detailed from many people (games developer or you) views about any Unity Union itself and Unity Union alternatives.

I know about Kongregate.com and dimeRocker Arcade from below thread, but I want know more. Please tell me your experiences and reviews, it would helps lots. http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/30728/how-to-pubglish-and-sell-a-game

It really depends on if you want it web or stand alone...

For example, Steam is always a viable option if it's a stand alone game... Also, you can get with the other Steam like-systems... I can't remember any off hand.

Then if it's web like, of course Kongregate is possibly the best for Unity. However, for more, you'll have to search around... I'm really not that much help on this.

You also have Facebook (Search the forums for more on this), it's pretty easy...

But you might want to check out something that I read a while ago, you might find it useful/insightful:


Hope this helps a little bit =).