Unity Union Porting


I’m working on a game right now and I plan to go through the Unity Union for publishing/distribution. The info I read about the Union says that they will do the porting to get it up and running on “exciting” platforms and devices.

My question is, what platforms can they port to? And do you as the developer have any pull over what platform they chose?

Thanks in advance.

Union is a service intended to talk existing published games to new devices. The Union team work with manufacturers of new consumer devices. These manufacturers look at the catalog of games, and choose games that they think will suit their new device. The more successful and well-known a game is, the more likely the game is to be chosen. Think of Union has helping you get onto devices that you don’t even know about yet.

The pages at Made With Unity | Unity are pretty helpful.

Union is not a publisher in the traditional sense. You will still want a traditional publisher to publish your game on PC/Mac/iOS/Android/whatever you currently have planned.