Unity unit scale?

What is unity unity scale? How much and what is 1 unity unit? 1cm? 1m? etc?

The default scale is in meters, which affects terrain, audio doppler effects, gravity, etc.

In general though, the Unity scale is whatever you want it to be. In the project I'm working on, 1 unit = 1 km. You can adjust scale-related settings by editing your project settings.

(This is a duplicate of this question.)

I believe the Unity scale is in meters.

1 inch in Google SketchUp = 1 scale meter in Unity3D = 1 Unity3D unit. I draw in Sketchup in Decimal Inches, pretending it is meters. I also change axis in Sketchup so things are upright when imported to Unity3D. No scaling or rotating needed doing it this way.

I was searching for the same question and found this thread, but it didn’t answer my question to my satisfaction.

When I create a 1m x 1m x 1m cube in Cinema 4D and import this in Unity I get a really small cube. When I then create a cube in Unity I have to scale it down to 0.01 x 0.01 x 0.01 to get the same size. Not really a problem, I could just scale my imported models by 100 but why is this? Are there some settings I can set to get a cube that is 1x1x1 when I export a 100cm x 100cm x 100cm cube in C4D?

I think Unity’s unit system is somewhat arbitrary. It has no relevance to the physical size. I created a tutorial on that if anyone wants to understand further.